Online Advertising

Advertising online with video has become a hugely successful marketing tool over the past few years.

With the staggering rise of Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube just to name a few, millions of people globally have changed the way the get their information.

The benefits of Online Advertising

The beauty of online advertising is it puts your brand literally in the hand of potential clients, the people that need to see your business! On top of this, there are paid marketing opportunities for social media sites and google  to identify your audience, and advertise to them for you!

There are many brilliant and effective ways to market your brand in an online video. The key is to make it feel organic with a hook that grabs people attention, so they stop scrolling when they see your content.

Being that a potential client can move past your brand with the flick of a thumb, it’s important the messaging is relatable, professional, and resonates instantly with the viewer.

If this sounds like a lot of pressure, don’t worry! The team at MILK have had content viewed over 300 million times online by identifying what, where and how a video needs to be presented for maximum impact!

What’s the process for Online Advertising

We start with the message. The script or narrative. We make sure that it is not only clear and concise, but that it grabs people’s attention. We excel at utilizing this precious space in someone’s news feed to efficiently communicate your message and leave people wanting more, not scrolling past.

We then take care of all elements of pre-production including casting, location scouting, wardrobe, props, contracts and all other creative and logistical administration that comes along with creating a television commercial. Giving you sign off at every step, making sure the actors and aesthetics match your vision, and best represent your brand.

Then we get to the fun part – the shoot! We have experienced directors fresh off the sets of highly successful shows and the very best camera crew ensuring everything is captured to the highest standard.

Once the shoot is wrapped, we then handover to our expert editors and animators to bring it all together. Giving you sign off along the way until we are ready for the final delivery.

Online advertising is also amazing as it gives your clients the potential to advertise for you by sharing your video content once you post, giving you access to a whole new range of potential clients completely outside of your usual network.

Sometimes, if your content is clever enough, people will be sharing your content not knowing they are helping promote your brand!

Video Production Packages

Download our brochure to see our corporate video production package prices and details about the services included to understand which package might be best suited to you.