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We are an award-winning team of professionals boasting over 300 million views on our content, and we want to tell your story.

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MILK is a cutting-edge video production company based in Geelong and Melbourne.

From working with you to deliver the perfect script that encapsulates the heart of your message, to a cinema standard production and delivery. We specialise in every element of creating an entertaining and successful video.

Unbeatable creativity

Our team has written content for Channel 7, Netflix, Channel 9, Discovery and Animal Planet. This ensures that you are working with an unbeatable team when it comes to the delivery of your message, and how best to communicate it with a new audience.

Over 10 years experience

We have over 10 years’ experience in creating content for a wide range of satisfied clients, and delivering to major networks, SVODS, and online audiences.

High quality production

We are equipped to produce and deliver Hollywood quality content for our clients. With packages to suit any budget and project.

One stop shop

We take care of projects personally from the very inception of the key idea & narrative. Through casting, script writing, location scouting. To Filming and of course editing and final delivery.

Who we are

MILK are an award winning team of videographers with over a decade of experience in all aspects of film, television and advertising.

Having worked on every set imaginable. From small intimate talking heads, to big budget sets for network television. Our journey has taken us all over the world. From the offices of local Geelong businesses, to the villages of the Himalayas, to the boardrooms of industry leaders in Hollywood.
We not only know what makes a great video, but we know how to get to the heart of your message, and also how to promote it afterwards.

We truly are a one stop shop when it comes to spreading your message and telling your story.

Why we do it

Having more than 300 million views on content online, we know how to take a message and make it cut through the noise, and deliver in a way that makes it stand out to potential clients.

We specialise in identifying what makes you stand out. Identifying the specifics of your message that will best translate to video. Then take that, and execute it in a way that only we can, delivering a high-quality end product that is truly unique to your brand.

We do this because we know that authenticity wins every time, and always tells the best story. That authenticity is what people relate to, which is why they will ultimately choose you over a competitor.

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