Live Streaming Services

Live streaming is now more common than ever and is a creative way to connect with your audience, no matter where they are.


Whether you need to share information with your social audience, member base or are producing an event, professional live streaming can help you reach your audience across multiple platforms.

Professional Live Streaming Services Made Simple

Live streaming can seem daunting, especially when it comes to managing cross-platform streaming, website embedding, audience interaction or operating multiple cameras. Working with a live streaming professional allows you to focus on the event itself, without the worry and stress of something going wrong.

At Milk, we offer professional live streaming services and focus on providing advice and clear, sensible solutions. Our experienced crew will ensure that recording and broadcasting your event is simple and enjoyable. With high-quality image and sound through professional video equipment, you can create a sense of connection.

Live streaming services are suitable for all kinds of events, from Q&A sessions, lectures, annual general meetings(AGMs), to awards nights, festivals or sporting events. In addition to your live-streamed event, professional live streaming services give you the option to create an impressive event video to help advertise your next event!

Why choose MILK for your next event

From live-streaming a simple office presentation to broadcasting multi-camera large event productions, Milk have delivered it. The Milk Video live streaming service team have the experience, resources and qualified personnel to broadcast your event.

We have the equipment needed to produce your live stream event, no matter how big or small. From the cameras, lighting and the live production equipment needed to record your event, to the resolution support and inputs required to stream it.

Milk offers streaming on various compatible services including YouTube Live, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter/Periscope, Zoom, or Vimeo and we use bonded streaming and backup connections. You also have the option to engage your audience with a real-time chat function or live polling.

When it comes to the production, Milk offers asset creation from images to motion graphic lower thirds and our team can also assist with script writing and autocue. Our talented team offers the option of post-event production editing, creating marketing videos, highlight reels or on-demand recordings.

Milk’s professional live streaming services can be scaled to suit your requirements and your budget. Our friendly team are available to guide you through your live streaming strategy – so get in touch to discuss your needs.

Video Production Packages

Download our brochure to see our live streaming production services package prices and details about the services included to understand which package might be best suited to you.