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The Milk Video team offer a fresh take on your corporate videos. We have over 10 years of experience in every type of motion picture production. We are trusted producers of network-budget television shows, commercials and testimonial videos which will improve the flavour of your brand like nothing else.Our work is anything but vanilla. We dig deep to find the core of our clients’ stories so that we can create rich masterpieces that gain attention from the right audience, and connect with people on an emotional level.

We love projects that give us a chance to think outside the milk carton. If you have anything needing creative and fresh ideas, we’re all ears.We also have a not-so-secret crush on animation projects.

There is a lot of opportunity for feedback to make sure we get your video right. We offer 2 rounds of the script, the storyboard and the delivery, and that's not all. In our initial consultation we want you to tell us what you like. Bring us your reference videos, your mood board and your words of wisdom. We will take notes on everything to ensure there is a complete understanding of your vision.But, if it is not quite right or you have additional thoughts, we are more than happy to design something from scratch too.

Milk is an award-winning creative studio that specialises in video and animation content that makes you stand out. We help the world see you, and sometimes even help you see yourself, at your absolute best.

If you need a video we will write it, film it, edit it and distribute it in every format you need it in at the highest level of quality.

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