Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are fantastic for content that needs to be delivered multiple times to a wide range of people and can save valuable time ensuring you aren’t repeating yourself over and over.

We have done explainer videos for hospital patients for pain management and post stay procedures, and also the NDIS explaining to their clients how their program will rollout over time.

You can save hundreds of valuable hours by creating explainer videos to avoid repeating your brand day in day out.

Explainer videos are great for products also. Having these on a websites or YouTube channel ensures people can get the common information required without you or your staff repeating the same information time and time again to every customer that calls through.

Explainer videos can be presented in a multitude of styles too. You can actors demonstrating, or have detailed animation taking your clients through a process step by step.

Explainer videos are often a great tool in house too for new and existing employees alike. Taking them through an induction online, and giving them everything they need to know in a video they can watch and refer to repeatedly as needed is a valuable resource.

How do explainer videos work

We start with the message. The script or narrative. What exactly is the information essential to be explained and what will make it stand out? We make sure that it is not only clear and concise, but that it grabs people’s attention. We excel at efficiently communicating your message through film and animation in a way that people will relate to and remember

We then take care of all elements of pre-production including casting, location scouting, wardrobe, props, contracts and all other creative and logistical administration that comes along with creating a music video. Giving you sign off at every step, making sure the actors and aesthetics match your vision, and best represent your style.

Then we get to the fun part – the shoot! We have experienced directors fresh off the sets of highly successful shows and the very best camera crew ensuring everything is captured to the highest standard.

Once the shoot is wrapped, we then handover to our expert editors and animators to bring it all together. Giving you sign off along the way until we are ready for the final delivery.

Why not give us a call and we can get started!

Video Production Packages

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