Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a perfect way to show how successful your business is with real people giving real accounts of what makes you great.

Business is all about trust. As the competition gets fiercer and people have more access to a wider range of service providers they tend to go with the company/ business/ brand that they relate to and trust.

The benefits of testimonial videos

What better way to show your business is trust worthy than testimonials from real people, who can vouch for you and your brand.

People telling your story for you by way of their experience is an excellent tool in building rapport with potential clients or customers before they have even made contact with you. There is something about hearing from everyday people that puts client’s minds’ at ease in that they aren’t being tricked, or sold to.

We can interview your previous clients, or people close to the business and accompany it with high quality footage of you and your team in their element, doing what they do best. Demonstrating to people that you not only get the job done, but exceed the clients expectations.

Our process for creating a testimonial video for you business

We start with the message. The script or narrative. What makes you and your brand stand out? We make sure that it is not only clear and concise, but that it grabs people’s attention. We excel at efficiently communicating your message through film and leave people wanting more.

We then develop a set of questions and topics for your talent to speak about, that will make your business shine.

We then take care of all elements of pre-production as needed including casting, location scouting, wardrobe, props, contracts and all other creative and logistical administration that comes along with creating a music video. Giving you sign off at every step, making sure what’s being said and the visual aesthetics match your vision, and best represent your brand.

Then we get to the fun part – the shoot! We have experienced directors fresh off the sets of highly successful shows and the very best camera crew ensuring everything is captured to the highest standard.

Once the shoot is wrapped, we then handover to our expert editors and animators to bring it all together. Giving you sign off along the way until we are ready for the final delivery.

Give us a call and tell us about your business and how we can help you promote it with a testimonial video.

Video Production Packages

Download our brochure to see our corporate video production package prices and details about the services included to understand which package might be best suited to you.