Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation is an amazing way to deliver content to your clients and customers.

Sometimes you need to convey information that when presented isn’t quite as sexy as you’d like it to be. Financial reports, statistics, anything that’s very numbers heavy can be brought to life and engaging with animation!

The benefits of motion graphics and animation videos

Animations can be designed to match your current branding and style guide and we work with you side by side on the script ensuring that your animation is the perfect representation of your business. However, we can also create entirely custom design elements specifically for your project.

Animations can be great for any content or medium. From TVC’s quickly communicating details of a deal or sale. To an in depth look at the history of your company and the milestones achieved along the way, giving clients and customers a sense of who you are as a brand, and why they should engage you.

There are also messages and themes that can be displayed through animation that are typically harder to catch on camera. Animations about the effects of global warming for example, or the growth of a company, rise in sales numbers can be visually communicated extremely efficiently.

How to make the most out of animated videos for your business

Animations can be tailored to different demographics also. Everyone from children to millennials through to the elderly, you can tailor the design and approach to make sure is connects with the appropriate audience and they can relate to it.

Animations can grow and evolve with your company too. We can easily insert and edit information afterwards to make sure your animation stays current to get the most value out of your investment.

Getting started with animated videos

We start with the message. The script or narrative. What are you communicating and what makes the information stand out? We make sure that it is not only clear and concise, but that it grabs people’s attention. We excel at efficiently communicating your message through design and capture people’s interest and have them wanting to know more.

We then take care of all elements of pre-production including character design, colour pallets, animating 2d and 3d elements, music voice over and all other creative and logistical administration that comes along with creating an animated video.

Ensuring you sign off at every step and making sure the design and aesthetics match your vision, and best represent your style, we get to the fun part – Animating!

We have experienced designers and animators that can excel at making content that grabs attention. Giving you sign off along the way until we are ready for the final delivery.

Animation is a fun way to bring your message to life. Get in touch today and we can get started!

Animation Production Pricing

Download our brochure to see our animation and motion video production package prices and details about the services included to help determine which package will be best suited to you.