Training Videos

Training videos are a brilliant resource for large companies, and small businesses alike.

For some businesses, a lot of precious hours are wasted conveying the same information over and over again. With a training video, you can deliver the information once, and train a multitude of people with the one video.

The benefits of training videos

Think of all the time you can save when you have a video to supply your staff in a range of areas. Health and safety, company protocol, how to use systems and programs, customer service practices, the list is endless.

We can deliver training videos in a multitude of different and interesting styles. From a professional piece to camera, to a fully animated motion graphics video.

The key to a good training or installation video is that the information is conveyed n a clear and entertaining manor. We can work with you to make sure your content is delivered in an easy to understand way, working with you on scripts and visual elements.

Training & installation videos are a great idea for product-based industries too.

Give your clients and customers peace of mind with their purchase knowing that they can access helpful installation guides to help them set up in the comfort of their own home, and without long wait times on the phone.

You can deliver complete courses in video form too. A lot of big online training providers now have turned to video to deliver their content. Just look at the success of Masterclass or Lynda. As a lecturer, teacher or course presenter imagine being able to be in 10 places at once, anywhere in the world delivering you content!

Getting started with training videos

We start with the message. Getting to know your content and making sure that it is not only clear and concise, but that it grabs people’s attention. Does it convey the necessary important information in an engaging way?

We then take care of all elements of pre-production including casting, location scouting, wardrobe, props, contracts and all other creative and logistical administration that comes along with creating a training video. Giving you sign off at every step, making sure the actors and aesthetics match your vision, and best represent your brand.

Then we get to the fun part – the shoot! We have experienced directors fresh off the sets of highly successful shows and the very best camera crew ensuring everything is captured to the highest standard.

Once the shoot is wrapped, we then handover to our expert editors and animators to bring it all together. Giving you sign off along the way until we are ready for the final delivery.

Why not send us an email or give us a call and tell us about your content, and how we can help you deliver it!

Video Production Packages

Download our brochure to see our corporate video production package prices and details about the services included to understand which package might be best suited to you.