Create Business videos with flavour!

At Milk Video, we’re dedicated to making your business stand out from the crowd! Our Melbourne team creates videos that cut through the noise and deliver your message with style.

From quick edits and online ads to corporate explainers, we ensure the process is seamless and fun. Let’s transform your vision into a high-quality, engaging video that truly stands out and connects with your audience. 

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Who we are

MILK is an award-winning team of Melbourne-based videographers with over a decade of experience in film, television, and advertising.

Our expertise covers everything from intimate talking heads to grand network TV sets. So far, our journey has taken us from local Melbourne-based businesses to the villages of the Himalayas and even a few Hollywood boardrooms. 

We excel at creating impactful videos that get to the heart of your message – as well as how to promote them with style. 

Deliver the vision

We’re passionate, design-driven filmmakers, animators and motion graphic designers. Operating as a full-service production studio, we create videos that cut through the noise and deliver bold, engaging visuals.

Through a collaborative approach to working, Milk Video creates your video, script and storyboard, while keeping you in complete control of the project, signing off on every key element along the way.

We handle the time-consuming logistics and production tasks, simplifying the process of creating high-quality visuals and making your vision a reality.

We Make it Easy

The Right Script

We’ll write a script based on your brief or create one that matches your vision for maximum impact.

Staying On Brand

Develop a style of animation that follows your brand guidelines to maintain visual consistency.

Animation or Live Video

Using either animation or live video, we will bring your idea to life, supported by skilled voice talent.

Online Advertising that Entertains

The beauty of online advertising is that it literally puts your brand in the hands of potential clients. It also means you can harness the power of paid advertising across social media sites and YouTube to reach your audience, capture data for remarketing and drive conversions.

Animated Explainer & Corporate Videos

Animated explainer videos & corporate videos are an amazing way to deliver information to your clients and customers, especially if the information isn’t as entertaining as you’d like. We’ve had it all thrown at us – financial reports, statistics, number-heavy documents and we can bring it all to life in the most engaging way. 

With us, your animations can evolve with your company. Get your video updated or edited by our team whenever you need to, so it always stays current and you get the most value out of your investment with us. 

Our Clients

Pick Your Package

Milk video services offer a range of easy pre-priced packages so you can choose what will suit your production budget with no surprise costs. In a short phone call, we can determine what services you’ll need and suggest a solution to get your video into production as soon as possible.