Shaking up Business Videos

We’re a Melbourne/Geelong based Video Production Studio, ready to deliver your message with fresh creativity. You have passion for your business, so let’s make sure your video reflects that energy and excitement.

We’ll find your unique flavour and use it to create a content that inspires customers to connect and engage. Talk to us about your vision and let our team take care of everything else.

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The Complete Picture

We’re passionate design-driven filmmakers, animators and motion graphic designers. We operate as a full-service production studio, creating videos that cut through the noise and deliver engaging visions.

Through a collaborative working method, Milk Video creates your video, script and storyboard whilst you maintain complete control of the project, signing off on the key elements along the way.

Creating a high-quality production involves time-consuming production and logistical administration. We’re here to make it so simple for you to make your vision a reality.

Quick Edits

We understand that video, animation and motion graphics assets need to be delivered within event-specific timeframes and in line with timely content. Our fresh take on production cements our brand promise of rapid turnarounds. We know how important it is to create your video pronto.

We Make it Easy

The Script

We’ll write a script based on your brief or create one that matches your vision for maximum impact.

The Brand

We’ll develop a video & motion graphics style that follows your brand guidelines to maintain consistency.

Milk Expertise

Our design-led videography will bring your idea to life, supported by skilled voice talent.

Video for Online Advertising

The excitement of online advertising is that it puts your brand directly in the hands of potential clients. Harness the power of paid marketing opportunities across social media sites and YouTube to reach your audience and capture data for remarketing activities to drive conversions.

You can make the most of online advertising with video. Through a collaborative working method, Milk Video will support the creation of your script, video and motion graphics, videography and voiceover. You’re set to take online advertising by storm.

Explainer & Corporate Videos

Explainer Videos & Corporate Videos are the ideal way to deliver content to your clients and customers. Especially when you need to shake up financial reports, statistics or anything that’s numbers-heavy. Anything can be brought to life and be made engaging with video.

Keep in mind that video isn’t set in stone, it’s alive! Videos can grow and evolve with your business. Using animation, motion graphics and voiceovers, we can always insert and edit content to update your video. This is how you can get the most value out of your investment.

Our Clients

Pick Your Package

Milk Video comes in a range of exciting and colourful flavours. Choose a pre-priced package that suits your production budget. Need help? Talk to us! In a swift phone call, we’ll nut out what you need and suggest a solution to get your video to production. Get straight to video.